A PARTIAL LIST of the “tools” (subjects to discuss) in HANS HELMERICH’s mentoring toolbox:

  • Humility
    Accepting responsibility / ownership
  • Discerning what to “hold loosely” and what to “hold tightly.”
  • Relationships: being a good listener
  • Reputation/ Integrity  ( a “good name,” commitment to truth)
  • Teachability / being able to receive correction
  • Gratitude
  • Knowing the Season (Gen. 8:22)
  • The power of encouragement
  • Walking in your gift/ calling
  • Esteeming the Word
  • Choosing your friends
  • Managing your sexuality (self – control, thoughts on God’s plan for human sexuality).
  • Choosing well: “we make choices and then our choices make us.”
  • Thoughts on Money: a useful servant but a cruel Master.

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