Shouldn’t good leaders be bringing fresh thought to the marketplace everyday!  A new wrinkle in the brain is a good thing, I think!

From an article in Reader’s Digest, titled, My Uncle’s Secret.

“’What is culture,’ I blurted as he got out of the car. George laughed, and we walked through the yard under the apple trees.

“In the house he sat down in his old easy chair with an exaggerated sigh. ‘This is culture.’ He said, chuckling. ‘No, I mean it.’ He said. ‘We could sit on a rock or a log, but there are thousands of years in this chair.’ I looked at the chair, puzzled.

“George explained how the slant of the back, the height of the arms, the softness of the cushions, the fabric, the nails were all the products of thousands of years and transactions about something as elemental as sitting down. ‘When you can think that much about chairs instead of about feeding yourself or staying warm, that’s culture—because it means you’ve got time to think about art and music and how to get along with each other and even about thinking.’”

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