Conversation Building Questions

Conversation Building Questions2016-03-17T11:41:56+00:00

13 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mentor

John Maxwell


1.  How do you define success?

2.  What values guide your decisions?

3.  What’s the most effective daily habit you possess?

4.  What accomplishment are you most proud of?

5.  What’s the greatest piece of advice you have ever gotten?

6.  What do you wish you knew at my stage of life or career?

7.  What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a failure?

8.  What are you learning right now?

9.  What positive thing do you see in me that I need to focus on developing?

10. What obstacle that I don’t see is preventing me from moving forward?

11. What must I do to overcome that obstacle and keep growing?

12. What do you hope to teach me during our mentoring relationship?

13. What can I do to make this process worthwhile for you?