What is Focal Point?

Professionals with the goal of making the rest of our lives the best of our lives.

WHO WE ARE. We are entrepreneurs, business executives, educators, public servants, and non-profit leaders committed to personal growth and the development of those around us. Our group of professional men and women are growing, networking, and working together in the Tulsa community with the common goal of making the rest of our lives the best of our lives.

HOW WE STARTED. Insurance innovator and founder of National Liberty Corporation, Mr. Art DeMoss, launched a faith-based movement in Philadelphia geared towards helping business professionals find balance, focus, and direction in the early 1970’s. His vision spread across the country and eventually led physicians Paul Peterson and Pat Lester to launch what is now called Focal Point here in Tulsa.

WHAT WE KNOW. We all face professional, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges. Intentionally networking together, we can use our shared experiences from the marketplace, combined with guidance from the Bible, to find greater success in life.


  • Personal and Professional Growth – With a line-up of great speakers, break-out discussions, and mentoring opportunities we challenge, equip, and support Tulsa professionals.

  • Networking – At every Focal Point event, opportunities to connect and cultivate valuable personal and professional relationships are available.

  • A Great Lunch – First time guests always eat free, and Focal Point regulars enjoy the best $15 lunch in Tulsa.


At FocalPoint Forums top leaders present on important topics of relevance to the marketplace. The twofold goal of the Forums is, one, to help influencers maintain focus in today’s turbulent world, and two, to provide tips to take our leadership and management skills to the next level.

The week following every Forum, FocalPoint offers Further Focus. Using the Forum presenter’s remarks from the precious week as the basis of the discussion, facilitators guide us on an in-depth examination of the Forum topic, including from the Bible’s perspective.

StraightTalk is a quarterly event. The difference between a Forum and a StraightTalk is that at the latter the keynote speaker will not only address a topic of relevance to the marketplace, he or she will also describe the difference that faith makes in their personal and professional lives.

The mission of the FocalPoint Mentoring Program is to create collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships between mentors who possess greater maturity, knowledge and experience and mentees who are looking to increase their maturity, knowledge and experience. FocalPoint offers mentoring to both the salaried and the entrepreneur.




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