Mentoring Guidelines & Expectations

Mentoring Guidelines & Expectations2015-06-15T11:35:27+00:00

The mission of the Focal Point Mentoring program is to create collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships between Mentors who possess greater skills, knowledge and experience and Protégés / Mentees who are looking to increase their skills, knowledge and experience.

  • Once a FocalPoint Mentoring application has been completed a potential pairing will be made by the FocalPoint mentoring coordinators.
  • An introductory meeting will be scheduled for each potential mentor / mentee relationship to ascertain if it is a good match.
  • A minimum of a one year commitment to the relationship is required once both agree to participate.
  • In-person meetings should take place a minimum of once per month.
  • Additional meetings and contact (phone, email) can be scheduled as agreed to by both parties.
  • All conversations and information shared should be considered confidential unless it is agreed to share it with others.
  • Both parties are expected to attend FocalPoint meetings a minimum of once per month.
  • Discussion of the spiritual dimension of life is encouraged as it is a critical element in a balanced and productive life both personally and in the business world.
  • A list of suggested open-end questions is available to assist in fostering the relationship.