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Don Gollahon: Video

“In the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin says, ‘The ends justify the means!’; ‘Might makes right!’; ‘It’s a dog eat dog world!'”  Where did Calvin get that?!!!

Don says,  “Taking care of the client’s best interests takes care of our own best interests!”  Where did Calvin get that?!!!



Video:  Arthur Greeno:  “How to Make Your Business ‘REMARK’able”

Arthur’s insights will give you keys to be remarkable in your business and, more importantly, to really make a difference by changing someone’s day, week, or even their life.

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care”.

Arthur quoted, “I would rather restrain a mustang than kick a mule”.   He gives his staff a Long Rope!


“Business leaders take many shapes and have different styles. Too many leaders find it hard to admit weakness while yet touting their successes. Let us explore the traits of a transparent leader who willingly discusses their decisions and is open to critiques by team members.”

Bob Jack, a 45-year construction industry veteran, is senior vice president of Manhattan Construction’s Tulsa office serving Eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas. Bob joined Manhattan in 2005 as a Project Manager providing on-site project management, resulting in multiple industry project honors. He was promoted to his current position in 2011. Prior to joining Manhattan, Bob worked for Oil Capital Electric, Inc. for 23 years and L.K. Comstock for more than a decade.

In 2012, Bob was named among Tulsa Business Journal Men of Distinction. As an industry expert, he is a frequent speaker and panelist for development and construction organizations across the region. Bob is a member of the Leadership Oklahoma Class XXVII and the Tulsa Downtown Rotary Club. He serves on the board of the Tulsa Regional Chamber, Up With Trees, Associated Builders and Contractors of Oklahoma, John 3:16 Mission as well as the State Chamber of Oklahoma Executive Committee. Bob has an associate degree in mechanical engineering from the College of DuPage.



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