Lee Cockerell: Former Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations

Lee Cockerell: Former Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations

is it safe to order Pregabalin online Create environment where people want to be.

  • Leadership:
    • Hire people who’ve overcome obstacles
    • Be Clear about what you’re looking for in an employee (Disney uses a film which outlines the Disney culture – “If you come to work without your name badge, go home.” Etc.  25% of already screened job applicants walk away after seeing the film.
    • Training – train, test, enforce.
  • Culture:
  • Everyone matters and knows that they matter. Tell them! This is the fuel that drives human performance.
  • Touch people before you touch the work. When you come in in the morning, go around talking to the people, finding out about that game, sick aunt, etc. Then start working.
  • When you enter an environment (home, work, etc.), you either make it better or worse. Your choice.
  • If something somebody (wife, employee, etc.) says annoys you, let it go. It’s not worth raising a fuss about.

Seroquel buy online in stock Competence:

  • Be technically competent – Go to seminars, take classes, etc.
  • Have management competence:
    • Are you spending time where you are adding value?
    • Think tomorrow about how you could have done better today.
    • Life happens in a flash. Get organized.
  • Be leadership competent – Management is about doing. Leadership is about being (be there for the people, have character…)

Make customers (in our case, guests) feel special. Treat them as individuals.

Will you change the world? Probably not. But you can change your environment.

Difference between training and developing. Training is about classes and seminars. Developing is about having the hard conversations (“You’re going to have to work on this…”)

Every week we should be have hard things – relationships, projects… – to work on.

(Notes taken by attendee at a recent Leadership luncheon in Tulsa)