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The Bible tells us that becoming a new creation through faith in Jesus Christ is something that happens to us individually.  Scripture is also clear that God’s plan from the very beginning was far greater in scope than our simply making it to heaven as individuals.

So what is it that is now and always has been God’s intention in renewing human hearts one at a time?  What impact should this purpose have on the lives of those who would follow Christ?  We’ll discuss these and other related questions at OnPoint on October 11th.

In keeping with the mission of FocalPoint to inspire influencers to own their piece of the Great Commission, our OnPoint groups are currently engaged in a discussion series we’re calling “Nurturing a Great Commission Lifestyle.”  The material we’re adapting for this series is found online @ www.multiplymovement.com.
Intermittently, we’ve interrupted our ongoing series to do one-session discussions of other topics we believed were important in developing a GC lifestyle, but were not dealt with in the ongoing series.  Examples include sessions on “God Space,” living out our faith in the marketplace, and a look at the husband-wife relationship through the lens of Proverbs.