Dear FocalPoint friends,

The FocalPoint group is expanding our forum offering with the addition to our Wednesday morning forums of a third-Wednesday-of-the-month luncheon. The venue for the luncheons, like the morning forums, will be Oklahoma Wesleyan University, a site easily accessed from either Highway 169 or the Broken Arrow Expressway (see map).

The luncheon format will be similar to the Wednesday morning forums – a respected business leader or professional presenting on a topic of relevance to the marketplace and life followed by Q&A. Box lunch – suggested $10 donation.

The inaugural luncheon forum will be next Wednesday, June 18, beginning at 11:45. John Chandler, recently retired Magellan Midstream Partners CFO, will speak on “Pivoting from Success to Significance.”

We invite you to bring a friend and enjoy this opportunity to network with other professionals as well as sharpen your leadership and life skills.

RSVP @ jimfurr@earthlink.net

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Coach Owens will help to give us Further Focus on May 7 as we revisit his Life Lessons.  Please join us at Wesleyan University.

The Sage Coach and some of his personal quotes and quotes he applauded others as having made.

“It’s what you have ‘At the Hang Up’ that counts.”

“If you don’t know where you are going, you are liable to end up someplace else!”  Yogi


“If the postman kicks at every dog that barks, he’ll never get his mail delivered”  Dr. Allen, Coach, Kansas

“The Will to Win means nothing without the Will to Prepare”.  Coach Bud Wilkerson, OU




It will include the lessons from my parents while growing up on a cotton farm in Harmon County, Oklahoma during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days, the lessons from my coaches and other coaching friends that involve leadership and teamwork and then the greatest lesson of all, finding a purpose in your life, pursuing it with all your energy and bringing it to a completion during our lifetime.

The title of my book, At the Hang Up, comes from a lesson taught to me by my dad early in my lifetime on the cotton farm. At the end of a cotton row and with a full sack of cotton, we would take it to the end of the wagon where there were scales attached. We would hang the sack on scales and then record that number on a paper attached to the wagon. We called that the Hang Up. At the end of the day, my dad would get his sack out of his pickup and challenge us to see, “If we could beat old dad”? Well, we were dead tired after pulling all day, but after a brief period of annoyance, our competitive instincts would kick in and we would try to beat old dad. We would be out ahead of him and hollered across at him, “Looks like we gotcha this time dad” and I always remember his reply, “It’s not what you have now that counts, it’s what you have at the Hang Up that matters. It is a reminder that during your lifetime you might be encountering success or experiencing difficulties, but no matter what is happening, we should never lose sight of our ultimate goals and purposes.


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Mike HenryThe next Forum is Wednesday, April 16th, at 7:00 a.m  We are excited to have as our presenter on the 16th another outstanding business leader who is on the forward edge of values-based leadership thinking, Mike Henry.
Mike will speak on Thinking Differently about Leadership. An invitation is attached for your use in inviting a friend.
We meet at Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU), 10810 E. 45th St. OKWU is located immediately northeast of the intersection of 169 and the BA (see map below). Plan to join us for an experience that promises to be both helpful and enjoyable.


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FocalPoint forum is hosted by a group of businessmen and professionals who gather on Wednesday mornings every other week to hear from top leaders on important topics.  FocalPoint meets to help business and professional men find balance, focus and direction in a rapidly changing world.

Nick will address the group on “Qualities of an Effective Leader – Part 1, Character.”  

A 1959 West Point graduate, MG Krawciw retired from the Army in 1990 after serving 31 years.  He commanded at all levels from platoon to division, commanding the Third Infantry Division from 1987 to 1989.

Nick served two combat tours in Vietnam (his combat decorations include three awards of the Silver Star and a Purple Heart), was an instructor in leadership at West Point, and was the Senior U. S. Observer and Chief Operations Officer with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Israel during the Yom Kippur War and its aftermath.  After his retirement, until 2006, Nick served as the Senior Military Advisor on Ukraine for the Secretary of Defense.

At the conclusion of Nick’s remarks there will be an opportunity for discussion with other leaders, to include exploring the morning’s topic from the Bible’s perspective.

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