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What Are We Thinking About? Are We? What is Your Thought for the Day?



http://www.surems.co.za/81752-buy-hyaluronic-acid.html produce   Shouldn’t good leaders be bringing fresh thought to the marketplace everyday!  A new wrinkle in the brain is a good thing, I think! From an article in Reader’s Digest, titled, My Uncle’s Secret. “’What is culture,’ I blurted as he got out of the car. George laughed, and we walked through the yard under the apple trees. “In the house he sat down in his old easy chair with an exaggerated sigh. ‘This is culture.’ He said, chuckling. ‘No, I mean it.’ He said. ‘We could sit on a rock or a log, but there are thousands of years in [...]

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Further Focus


where can i buy generic viagra in canada A reminder to join us Wednesday, January 13th, for Further Focus. Homebuilder and author John Robertson will join us for a discussion of his January 6th Forum presentation "Leading on Purpose with a Purpose." Derrel Fortner and Mark Shumaker will moderate, to include drawing the Bible’s perspective into the discussion.

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http://edatafactory.com/apparel-shoes-jewelry/apparel/women/ Mark Shumaker, our coordinator for the FocalPoint Mentoring program, has put together a panel of experienced Mentors with their Mentees who will answer questions you may have about an opportunity to be involved in this highly profitable and fulfilling experience. Mentoring Panel Video


The Fear Factor


Cory Minter - President at Trinity Employment Specialists has this to say about "The Fear Factor" The realized personal qualities of confidence, self worth, potential, strength and growth are quickly replaced with insecurity, doubt,confusion and weakness brought on by the "Fear Factor". People react to fear in 3 different ways.  It may be used for fuel as a motivator.  It may fuel our already negative thoughts.  Fear may cause a person to become paralyzed against moving forward in life in all settings. Great ideas are killed by the negative, fear mongering voices in our heads. Just remember, on our way to success we can expect to [...]

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Bob Bartz – Director and senior shareholder of Barber & Bartz


Quotes and Quotes by Bartz Life Lessons on Leadership 1)”Never panic and never let them see you sweat.”  BB ‘Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.’  Samuel Johnson “Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”   Vince Lombardi 2)”Tenacity and Determination are required to overcome adversity. There’s nothing in this world that comes easy.”   BB  “There are a lot of people who aren’t going to bother to win. We learn in football to get up and go once more.”   Woody Hayes […]

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Stress: The Cause of Workplace Sickness.


Dr. Matt Hunt at a FocalPoint Breakfast Forum spoke on Stress: The Cause of Workplace Sickness. He addressed a number of questions including “How important is your healthealth of your employees? Are you aware that health is your biggest asset, or your greatest liability? Absenteeism, disability and workers’ compensation are the leading causes of lost productivity. What are you doing to protect your business?” In addressing these questions he talked about three stresses (physical, chemical, and emotional) and the importance of how we deal with them on a regular basis. […]

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