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Shouldn’t good leaders be bringing fresh thought to the marketplace everyday!  A new wrinkle in the brain is a good thing, I think!

From an article in Reader’s Digest, titled, My Uncle’s Secret.

“’What is culture,’ I blurted as he got out of the car. George laughed, and we walked through the yard under the apple trees.

“In the house he sat down in his old easy chair with an exaggerated sigh. ‘This is culture.’ He said, chuckling. ‘No, I mean it.’ He said. ‘We could sit on a rock or a log, but there are thousands of years in this chair.’ I looked at the chair, puzzled. (more…)

“I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence; I possess knowledge and discretion. By me kings reign and rulers make laws that are just” – Proverbs 8:12, 15

My favorite definition of “leadership” is John Maxwell’s. In “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” Maxwell writes, “The true meaning of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” (more…)

“A servant cannot be corrected by mere words; though he understands, he will not respond”– Proverbs 29:19

Why is it that some leaders can capture their people’s best efforts while others get only compliance? In his book “Integrity,” psychologist and business consultant Henry Cloud maintains that engaging others’ will is a function of the leader’s character. (more…)

A PARTIAL LIST of the “tools” (subjects to discuss) in HANS HELMERICH’s mentoring toolbox:

  • Humility
    Accepting responsibility / ownership
  • Discerning what to “hold loosely” and what to “hold tightly.”
  • Relationships: being a good listener
  • (more…)

A reminder to join us Wednesday, January 13th, for Further Focus. Homebuilder and author John Robertson will join us for a discussion of his January 6th Forum presentation “Leading on Purpose with a Purpose.” Derrel Fortner and Mark Shumaker will moderate, to include drawing the Bible’s perspective into the discussion.

Cory Minter – President at Trinity Employment Specialists has this to say about “The Fear Factor”

The realized personal qualities of confidence, self worth, potential, strength and growth are quickly replaced with insecurity, doubt,confusion and weakness brought on by the “Fear Factor”.

People react to fear in 3 different ways.  It may be used for fuel as a motivator.  It may fuel our already negative thoughts.  Fear may cause a person to become paralyzed against moving forward in life in all settings.

Great ideas are killed by the negative, fear mongering voices in our heads.

Just remember, on our way to success we can expect to have some major setbacks.

“When the righteous triumph, there is great elation; but when the wicked rise to power, men go into hiding” – Proverbs 28:12

At the close of WWII the Allies brought war crimes charges against former Nazi leaders. Many of the accused maintained in their defense that since they were simply following lawful orders, it would be unjust to convict them. What the Nuremburg judges had to decide was, is it ever not only right but necessary to disobey authority.

The dictionary defines “authority” as “one who has power to influence or command thought, opinion or behavior.” Authority is of course integral to government; the military; the business, academic and ecclesiastical worlds; and the family. In all of these areas power is exercised with the expectation of obedience. Are there exceptions (more…)

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