“A Lifetime of Lessons” Sneak Preview

“A Lifetime of Lessons” Sneak Preview


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grade dapoxetine uk It will include the lessons from my parents while growing up on a cotton farm in Harmon County, Oklahoma during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days, the lessons from my coaches and other coaching friends that involve leadership and teamwork and then the greatest lesson of all, finding a purpose in your life, pursuing it with all your energy and bringing it to a completion during our lifetime.

introduce augmentin uk The title of my book, At the Hang Up, comes from a lesson taught to me by my dad early in my lifetime on the cotton farm. At the end of a cotton row and with a full sack of cotton, we would take it to the end of the wagon where there were scales attached. We would hang the sack on scales and then record that number on a paper attached to the wagon. We called that the Hang Up. At the end of the day, my dad would get his sack out of his pickup and challenge us to see, “If we could beat old dad”? Well, we were dead tired after pulling all day, but after a brief period of annoyance, our competitive instincts would kick in and we would try to beat old dad. We would be out ahead of him and hollered across at him, “Looks like we gotcha this time dad” and I always remember his reply, “It’s not what you have now that counts, it’s what you have at the Hang Up that matters. It is a reminder that during your lifetime you might be encountering success or experiencing difficulties, but no matter what is happening, we should never lose sight of our ultimate goals and purposes.

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